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FIC: A Thousand Little Deaths : Theodore/Pansy -- NC17

Eventually I get around to pimping my fics in the appropriate communities. Crossposted with apologies. A Thousand Little Deaths was written for the erotic_elves Fantasy Request challenge, for floocrookshanks who requested: Theodore Nott/Pansy Parkinson; 7th yr in one of the dorms; Slytherin snark; both trying/wanting to be dom; not dumb!Pansy, nor having her throwing herself at Theo cause Draco left her. Please don't call him Teddy or Ted. Theo, Theodore, or Nott is fine. Thank you to ceilidh and golden_d for the fantastic betas!

A Thousand Little Deaths

- - -

Theodore pays special attention to Pansy now, not that she knows it. Her differences are subtle, but he notices them. In Potions one day she has a piece of hair out of place -- it flips upward, rather than under like the rest. He resists the urge to reach forward and twist it into compliance. A few days later he notices she is wearing two different charcoal-coloured socks. They are both grey, mind, but one sock is darker than the other; they are not from a matched pair. Still on another occasion, as they study in the common room, Theodore looks up suddenly when he hears the plinkling spatter of small, hard objects bouncing on the stone floor, and he sees Pansy has twisted the pearls at her neck so tightly that the string has snapped. Pearls roll wildly and she doesn't stop reading, nor does she make a move to gather them back. Theodore watches as she draws the empty tatter of string from around her neck, its clasps still fastened uselessly; he leans forward and picks up a pearl and rolls it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Just leave them," Pansy says, laying the remnants of her necklace in-between the pages of her book. She still does not look up.

Theodore puts the pearl into his pocket, but leaves the rest untouched.


Read the Story Here ::: WARNING: NC-17
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