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nott_in_parks's Journal

Pansy Parkinson/Theodore Nott Community
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Ah, so you've found the Theo/Pansy Comm! Started by me, Allie (aka floocrookshanks), because I fell in love with this ship after reading about them on harrygoesdown, a Post-OotP Harry Potter RPG.

Sooooo, I started this community to spread the Theo/Pansy lovin'! But, why should you support this ship?

This community is for anything Theo/Pansy related. I'm talking fics, icons, banners, and even writing competitions/challenges. Though, take heed of the following rules:

1. FICTION: Feel free to post fics you've found or written, though take heed PLEASE as this is VERY IMPORTANT...
- If the fic is YOUR OWN WORK, you may post the entire thing straight off.
- If the fic is SOMEONE ELSE'S on LJ, you MUST have their permission BEFORE you post it.
- If the fic is SOMEONE ELSE'S OUTSIDE LJ, you may only post a LINK directly to it.
(These rules MUST be followed, else LJ will close this community and I WILL CRY)

2. ICONS/BANNERS/IMAGES: Post as many as many as you like, but make sure they are UNDER LJ-CUT TAGS.

3. Requests for fics/icons/banners/etc ARE allowed to be posted, but no pointless posts squeeing about the pairing, please.

4. NO FLAMING! This is a community to support the pairing! If you don't like it, bugger off, as your poor attempts at attention-seeking will only get you laughed at by the rest of us.

5. Any writing comps/challenges will be posted by me. Contact me (via email) if you have ideas and credit will be duly given, however any unauthorised challenges will be deleted.

6. POSTING ANY FICTION: Please use this heading when posting fiction, just so everyone knows what they're reading!

Other Pairings Included:
(If outside LJ)


7. You may promote websites, fics, groups or communities; however, make sure they pertain to either Pansy Parkinson or Theodore Nott (or - even better - both!). Please do not advertise your RPG unless you need either a Pansy or Theo character.

8. Feel free to comment in any of the posts.

9. Email me with any queries/suggestions, I'll be happy to hear from you.

Theo/Pansy banner by reddiej

Community Background by blue_pixie25
- thank you, my loves *smooch*